So much talk about physical fitness! We have a culture that is obsessed with food, fitness and thinness. Hardly a conversation goes by where somebody doesn’t bring up their weight, someone else’s weight or what they are eating. imagesSo much judgment and obsession! Next time you find yourself in one of these conversations, try re-directing it to the topic of mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. Ask the person what they are doing for their workout in THESE areas. How are they taking care of these very important areas of the self? Share what you are doing about your mental or spiritual health.

How’s your heart these days? If your answer to that was along the lines of ‘huh’ perhaps you need to spend a bit more time checking in with yourself about how you are feeling and how things are going ‘underneath the hood’ in your life. If my magic wand was working, I images-1would love to make a mental health fit bit! Strap that on your arm and pay attention to how many steps you are making in dealing with your stuff and taking proper care of your soul.

We all have basic human needs, including healthy interaction with others, connection in community, affirmation, sense of purpose, safety and a sense of security, etc. If we don’t meet these needs, we find ourselves turning to addiction and other numbing techniques to deal with the emotional/mental distress we are encountering. This can include perfectionism, workaholism, over-exercise, and addiction to continually needing to be productive. The core of all these behaviours is images-1a lack of room for rest, rejuvenation and recharging in a person’s life. If these behaviours get no energy or time (priority), we find ourselves in a deficit where we give to others out of place of absence rather than a place of excess flowing out over the top. ┬áIf I don’t continually put into my energy/positive tank, it becomes depleted and before I know it, giving to those around me becomes a chore and can leave me feeling drained, sometimes even resentful.

What are you doing this fall to become more healthy mentally? Spiritually? Emotionally? Think of ways to promote overall wellness in your life. Let’s shift the discussion! Imagine how life could change if you spent as much time taking care of your mental and spiritual health needs as you spend on your physical wellness.

Here’s a few ideas:

Take a course/learn something. Journal. Sing along with your favourite songs. Dance. Nap. Take photos outside. Sip a cup of tea. Listen to music or a podcast. Read a book. Colour. Paint. Knit. Go for a leisure walk/nature walk. imagesPractice gratitude. Choose a positive attitude. Set aside some ‘me’ time. Volunteer. Be kind to yourself. No negative self-talk. Have fun. Laugh. Rest with your feet up. Soak in the bath tub. Have a good soul talk with a close friend. Pray or meditate. Do something to ‘pay it forward.’ Appreciate the simple things. Smile more. Fill your mind with enriching things not just distraction and fluff. Say no. Go home. Put some lotion on your skin. Be spontaneous. Bake something. Visit an old friend. Slow down. Kiss your loved ones.


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