We are so excited to have found a Registered Dietitian who is an Eating Disorders Specialist, joining our team at Fresh Hope Counselling. Kathleen McDavid is one of the leading Eating Disorders’ Specialists in the province of Alberta — she literally wrote the book/manuals on treating eating disorders! As some of you know, it has been extremely difficult to find a Registered Dietitian who has experience, training and education in the specialized world of eating disorder treatment to refer our clients to. That is why we are so thrilled not only to have found Kathleen but to be able to provide her services directly through Fresh Hope Counselling to increase accessibility. Kathleen McDavid graduated from the University of Alberta with distinction. She has performed a wide variety of tasks and roles during her career –including clinical inpatient care in specialized hospital settings, private practice, teaching classes for Athabasca University and project planning & development.

Despite her range of activities, her heart lies with supporting those with any type of eating disturbance. She has devoted the last 19 years of her career to working with eating disorders.Kathleen has in-depth professional experience with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, orthorexia nervosa, family-based support for children and teens with eating disorders, emotional eating, and those who wish to end the cycle of dieting andweight re-gain.

Kathleen has a sensitive and personalized approach to the care and support of each client. She draws on various behavioural change techniques and therapies with a view towards gradually normalizing eating behaviours and restoring health and relationship with food. Examples include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindful eating techniques and intuitive eating. This has given her a record of success in working as part of a treatment team for eating disorder recovery.

Kathleen is a strong promoter of strengthening eating disorder services in the province of Alberta and has taken a leadership role in standards of practice and care for her own profession. She has written training manuals for the nutritional care of eating disorders, been a speaker at conferences and provided workshops for other health care professionals.  She appreciates the complexity of eating problems and encourages multidisciplinary care to ensure the best outcomes. Kathleen is a great fit with Fresh Hope Counselling as she instills hope in her clients and believes recovery can occur despite the persistence of an eating disorder. Working alongside Beth Murray (for adult clients) and Heidi Marchand (for adolescent clients), Kathleen fortifies the treatment team we are able to offer our eating disordered clients and their families. Having her join our team gives us a greater level of effectiveness and accessibility for eating disorder outpatient care in Alberta. Sessions with Kathleen will be done primarily through our secure, simple videoconferencing platform.

Contact the office for more information or to book an intake session with Kathleen. She will be working part-time to start with us. Call 7804873456 or email: info@freshhope.ca and Marla or Glenn will be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Kathleen’s services are covered by some extended health benefit plans, including several Alberta Blue Cross plans — please contact your provider to find out the specifics of your plan as each plan is different.

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