It’s interesting how many people have a workout program for their bodies but no focus on managing their mind. Why is it that we can prioritize physical fitness and not mental fitness? In her book, “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess” Dr. Caroline Leaf presents five steps to change and improve the health of your mind. It takes daily work though — anywhere from 7-30 minutes day for weeks to install a new thought (21 days) and then turn it into a habit. Through her 30 plus years of research, Dr. Leaf purports that it takes at least 63 days to create a new habit — far from the idea that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit. What I want to encourage you to consider is the value of prioritizing your mental health and cleaning up toxic thinking/thought patterns. This process is called Neurocycling and literally changes up the way you think and how you act.

One reason this is so important nowadays is because we do a lot of ‘data bytes’ without a lot of deep thinking. Social media has created a tendency for us to graze and not think deeply.

By cleaning out the old, toxic thought pattern, we will literally change how we feel. This is the beauty of neuroplasticity — which is the ability of the brain to be pliable and literally have us run new ruts or wiring. We can rewire the brain.

Consider dedicating some time and focus to cleaning up your mental mess and installing a new thought pattern/habit. Yes, it does take about two months but it is so worth it!

Positive thought patterns actually cause the brain to create more positive thought patterns. This will directly improve our overall wellness, improve mood and help us to find more satisfaction and meaning in life.

Start by becoming aware of what you think about and tell yourself. Identify that thought pattern and replace it with something more positive, helpful and effective.

Then start implanting that new thought daily. Write it on a sticky note, put it on your phone’s wallpaper, and say it out loud at least 1-2 times a day.


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