Cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, is one of the most frequently recommended therapies in the counselling realm. CBT is often suggested imagesfor recovering from motor vehicle accidents, dealing with depression, managing chronic pain and many other mental health issues, including eating disorders.

Research shows that CBT is actually one of the most effective treatments for anxiety. It is also proven to help with anger issues, addiction recovery and low self-esteem. CBT is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment. It is very hands-on and practical, helping a person to develop skills they can use as they learn to problem solve more effectively.

The goal of CBT is to change a person’s way of thinking or behaving, that is enforcing and possibly causing one’s difficulties. By changing, and challenging, the way we think and behave, we also change the way we feel.

CBT does not involve years of therapy where you lie on a couch and tell a therapist about your mother!147583-150190

Once we help clients identify dysfunction in their thinking, we help them gain more effective and accurate perspectives. This includes learning how to examine the validity and usefulness of their thoughts so they can discern whether a thought pattern is rational and helpful. By delving into the messages we assign, the things we tell ourselves and the meanings we come to, we can breakdown the old messages that are continuing to sabotage and wreak havoc in our lives.

CBT helps a client learn effective ways to get better and stay better. ItĀ gives the client a new way of looking at and understanding his/her problem. It also provides you with the skills to deal with the issues that you are struggling with right now.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, please consider doing some CBT with one of our trained counsellors, Cathy Murray, Dr. Cath Thorlakson, or Beth Murray. All three are highly trained in CBT and would be pleased to walk you into health, hope and healing.


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